Fernbank – RGN

I am a Health Coach and Registered Nurse who has lived and worked in Worthing for over 40 years. My main priority as a health coach is great self care, sadly my mother who is now 83 is not able to care for herself as well as she has in the past.

I needed a home that was light, airy, warm with great food, lots going on, a fun place to be, beautifully clean and with lovely attentive staff! (A tall order i know) everything i would want for myself or anyone i suppose.

Donna the manager in particular is so amazingly supportive and helpful. I  have worked in almost every home in Worthing and sadly not one has come up with all the above, Fernbank not only ticks all the boxes but it is close to the town station and particularly the wonderful seaside, so its the perfect place.

Sadly my mother only goes in for respite as she insists on staying at home but she really loves it there and i hope and pray she eventually stays permanently.

Trust me, i really know what a good and bad place is and i truly cant find fault with them, i feel blessed to know she is safe and getting good food and care in a place even nicer than her own home.

Sandra Crathern RGN NLP Master Paractitioner Life Coach

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