Eastridge Manor – A home to be proud off

Dear Mr Colville,

I wanted to write and express my views of Eastridge Manor Nursing Home Bolney

A very elderly friend sadly died there last Tuesday and the care and attention she received from all the staff in Eastridge Manor but especially Blue Cedars during her 9 month stay was second to none. Everyone without exception was caring, helpful showed love and compassion to FG right up to the end. She was 103 when she died and when she was admitted in March i really did wonder whether she would see Christmas as she had been so unwell but she seemed to improve daily, within 3 days of her arrival she felt cared for and respected.

When i told her she would be going to a nursing home rather than back to her beloved bungalow she looked at me and said ‘Oh all brown paint and cabbage’ She couldn’t have been more wrong if she tried. The building is so light and airy, always smells pleasant and everyone has a smile. She couldn’t wait to tell me that she felt uncomfortable one night and pressed the bell and ‘I only had to wait about a minute before someone came and made me comfortable, i wouldn’t have had that at home on my own’ She felt safe and secure and was never made to feel a nuisance. She couldn’t wait to tell me that she had  enjoyed a shower – because her arthritis she had endured strip washes at home for years and years as she couldn’t get into the bath, such a simple thing was such a treat to her. Her hair was cut and washed, she had help with her make up the nurses helped her regain limited hearing by sorting out a hearing aid for her, she had new glasses. She enjoyed all the activities and spending time peacefully people watching.

A good home is only as good as its manager and his/her team. In Jenny you have a first class, kind, efficient and caring manager and she leads her team by example. From the moment she welcomed us, listened to us and took copious notes about FG and gave us a tour of the home, I knew Eastridge Manor was the right place for her. Reg leads his nurses well and always has time to answer questions as do Sandra and Magdalen. When F went into  the end of life phase Reg took time to tell me what to expect which was very helpful. The call at 5 am to say F had passed was dealt with efficiently and with compassion.

All the staff from Jenny, Reg. Lesley (who F referred to as mother), Liz in the office, the chef who daily produced excellent meals and cakes, to laundry staff who ensured her clothes were beautifully cleaned and pressed, the cleaners who ensured her room was spotless and always a had a cheerie word, all the wonderful care assistants and nurses, Angie who organised the entertainment and the maintenance man are all a huge credit to South Coast Nursing Homes and make Eastridge Manor a kind, caring, loving and happy home which i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone.